The BULGARIAN SOMMELIERS AND WINE CONNOISSEURS ASSOCIATION (BSWA) was established on 1st of February 2008 to encourage the development of sommeliership, winemaking and wine tasting in Bulgaria. Till now it counts more than 100 members - professional sommeliers, owners of wineries, retailers and importers of wines and connoisseurs of the divine drink wine.

BASW major objectives:

1. To protect the rights of its members and help solving issues with government bodies, institutions and to other similar organizations in the country and abroad;

2. To defend the interests of its members, associated with the development of their business activity, organize, coordinate and encourage the development of sommeliership, winemaking and wine tasting in Bulgaria;

3. To develop programs for the expanding the activities of its members;

4. To promote the achievements and opportunities of its members abroad;

5. To help its members investment information and specialized assistance;

6. To ensure compliance with professional ethics and principles of fair competition between its members and other partners having the same activities;

7. Contribute to improving the qualifications of its members as they provide comprehensive assistance and support;

8. To promote its business and its results and contribute to the implementation and development of sommeliership, winemaking and wine tasting.

9. To disseminate knowledge and skills, increases the level of wine culture through organizing and conducting courses, seminars, theoretical and practical training.

10. To participate in international sommelier organizations as a full member and to participate, to partner and associate with other NGOs as full or associate member.

A milestone in the work of BASW is developing the wine culture of its members. Once a month thematic seminars and wine tastings with Bulgarian and foreign wine experts speakers are organized. To all course participants completed with success a certificate is issued. Once a month a “blind” wine tasting with scoring is made and results published at the site of the organization . Each week new articles and all interesting events in Bulgaria concerning wine are published in the site and distributed to all members.

The Association is a partner with the Bulgarian Hotelier and Restaurant Association and with the Varna Chamber of Tourism.

What we do:

- Wine&Food Festival - the International wine&food exhibition in Varna, Bulgaria;

- Wine Tour around the World - wine tasting festival with wines from around the world;

- Christmas Culinary Fiesta - a culinary exhibition in partnership with the Bulgarian Association for Culinary Culture;

- Seminars, courses, wine tasting of local and imported wines;

- Professional sommelier consulting services for events organizing and wine list assembling for hotels and restaurants;

- Wine tours in Bulgaria and Europe with professional sommelier guide.

For future contacts:

Stefka Sveshtarova
President of BSWA

George Filipov
Member of the board of Directors
International relations